Self-taught painter Hanna: Breaking rules ‘works for me’

Artistic talent seems to come naturally to some. Others struggle alone through trial and error. Still, others are formally taught. For most, it is a combination of an innate desire to create, instruction from experts, and plenty of self-teaching. New Hampshire artist Susan Hanna started her formal training at an early age, jumping out of bed on Saturday mornings at […]

August 2020 issue SL

Let freedom …FLOAT!

Lady Liberty waves from the bow of a boat that is entered into the Canobie Lake Fourth of July Boat Parade. For the story and more photos, see Smooth Sailing article here. Salem Life photo by Jonathan W. Campbell

Just for Laughs

Candy caper ends with a sweet lesson learned

The self-diagnosis results are in: I’m far more likely to die poor and honest than rich and devious. Yes, having an English degree and psychology minor has some­thing to do with it, but upbringing factors in as well. One particular incident where I was involved in a heinous crime left its mark on me at a young age. I don’t […]


Back-to-back wins for the Acker & Kelly families at Canobie Lake’s July 4th Boat Parade

Six years ago after living on Canobie Lake and watching the Fourth of July Boat Parade pass by for 11 years, the Acker and Kelly families were inspired by their kids to fancy up the pontoon boat in par­triotic regalia and become competitors. Now, as then, the neighborhood moms are instrumental in the concept generation, the master plan and décor. […]

Joel Dolan promoted to acting police chief

Salem Town Manager Chris Dillon an­nounced the promotion of former Deputy Chief Joel Dolan to acting chief of police. Dolan was sworn in July 2. In a statement, Dillon pointed to Dolan’s management during the COVID-19 pandem­ic and times of civil unrest as evidence of his worthiness for the role. “A steady hand and professional demean­or provided the community an […]

Move over, Tooth Fairy!

The Booze Fairy is in town, bearing liquid joy & gifts for adults during pandemic

There are groups of anonymous wine and adult-beverage deliverers across many communities in New Hampshire, New En­gland and the United States. The concept took hold and grew strong during COVID- 19 isolation as a way of supporting moth­ers during coronavirus lockdowns. The most recognized fairy group in the Granite State is built around a private Facebook page called The Sisterhood […]

Updates on Tuscan Village construction, outdoor dining options

Local restaurants moved quickly to take advantage of temporary permits al­lowing outdoor dining as customers lined up for the opportunity to be served. Tratto­ria Amalfi, IHOP, Fuego, New Chief Wok and Wasabi Steak House received permits for outdoor seating. Stadium updates A permit was issued to the Salem School District for an ADA update to bleachers and replacement of the […]

New procedures help expedite Town Hall business

A backlog of business due to closures and new COVID-19 procedures led to lon­ger wait times for residents doing business at Town Hall shortly after reopening. “The first week we opened there were some lessons learned,” said Assistant Town Manager Bill Scott. “Due to the backlog of business from the closure, there were longer lines than normal. The lines seem […]

Dancing in the parking lots

Salem Recreation is getting creative so that residents can take part in activities, including holding dance classes in the parking lot at the Ingram Senior Center. Classes take place Monday and Thursday evenings with social distancing and plenty of fresh air. Instructor Marie Cammarata teaches Dance Aerobics followed by Tap Dancing. There’s room for more dancers, so contact Salem Community […]