Merrimack Valley Life

Then & Now


A young woman proudly posed with the family’s horse in front of this lovely home built by Thomas B. Middleton about 1887. Located at 223 Main Street, halfway between Woodbury School and Geremonty Drive, this architecture was a popular style of the time and several similar homes were built in town. About 1950, Larry Henderson began a housing development in the acres behind the property and named the street after his family. Henderson Circle enters that neighborhood from Main Sreet, alongside the barn. After almost a century of serving mainly as a home, and later a Montessori school, the barn was remodeled in 1987, and again in 2005 and now houses the optometry practice, Acuity Eye Care.

Note the tree growth in those 60 years.





1966 Oil on canvas by Harry Lowin Winlkelvoss of Greenoch, PA , Autumn 1966

2019 image courtesy of Google Maps

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