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Hope in Haverhill

“HOPE” shines over downtown Haverhill from the Pentucket Bank offices at Harbor Place. Courtesy photo

“HOPE” shines over downtown Haverhill from the Pentucket Bank offices at Harbor Place. Courtesy photo

Some downtown businesses are display­ing hope and joy by decorating their win­dows with help from Haverhill resident Melissa Cerasulo. “I just wanted to do something to let people share a little joy and know we will get through this,” said Cerasulo. “I’m not a medical worker, and I don’t have the ability to change what’s going on, but I can make something fun for families to enjoy. Most designs are really inexpensive, with the exception of the marquis lights at Pentucket Bank [spelling out the word HOPE]. I use wrapping paper, cardboard cutouts and markers. I’ll help anyone who wants to do this, for free.”

The idea came to Cerasulo as she was driving through downtown and felt pangs of loss, seeing empty streets and many businesses closed. She was compelled to try lifting spirits through window decor. So far she was helped five businesses cre­ate cheerful messaging. Those business are Pentucket Bank at Harbor Place (2 Merrimack Street) Battlegrounds Coffee (39 Washington Street), Foto Factory (25 Washington Square), Harbor Place (2 Merrimack Street) and UMass Lowell (2 Merrimack Street). Cerasulo is challeng­ing other businesses to decorate their windows—and she will help them.

“Tim Jordan is bringing this before City Council next week to encourage the members to endorse it as a nice, fun and safe activity for families,” said Cerasulo. “Oh, and they really look good at dusk, so it could be a fun evening drive.”

The displays will remain in place through at least May 11. Families are en­couraged to safely and separately drive around the heart of downtown and check out the displays, which, in addition to the Pentucket Bank’s HOPE sign, include an American flag, a chick and bunny, hearts and a “Thank You.”

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