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For at least for one day last month, St. Patrick’s, everybody could be Irish. I got to be Bob O’Johnson, and our publisher became Linc O’Jackson. This month’s quiz, though, focuses on people who are O’People for the entire year! The clues below describe men and women whose names start with O’. How many can you identify?

1. She lived at Tara
2. Starred as Wyatt Earp on TV in the 1950s
3. Played Archie Bunker
4. Played Cosmo in Singing in the Rain

and later was the friend of Francis thetalking mule
5. Actress with Technicolor red hairwho starred in The Quiet Man with JohnWayne
6. Landscape and floral painter who splither time between New York and NewMexico
7. Actress in old Tarzan movies and themother of Mia Farrow
8. Irish playwright who wrote Juno andthe Paycock
9. The character Gary Burghoff played inM*A*S*H
10. Center who won three consecutiveNBA titles with the Lakers and one withthe Heat
11. First female US Supreme Court Justice
12. Played J. Peterman in Seinfeld
13. Catholic Archbishop of Boston
14. American playwright who wrote LongDay’s Journey into Night
15. Played Locke in Lost
16. Lawrence of Arabia star
17. Did her cow really start the Great Chi­cago Fire?
18. Blind Celtic harper, composer and singer
19. Youngest person ever to win a com­petitive Academy Award
20. Comedienne and one-time host ofThe View

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