Salem NH Farmers Market

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Advertiser: Salem NH Farmers Market
,..,.,_.,,,__ r -•1 bunch mixed greens ( try mixing some Pleasant Valley Farms arugula, Brookford Farms kale, Victory Farms greenleaf lettuce and a handful of your favorite microgreens from Meta Microgreens)•Thinly sliced watermelon radishes from Pleasant Valley Farms•Thinly sliced green beans from Wallys Vegetables•A handful of cherry tomatoes sliced in half from Pleasant Valley Farms•Fresh mozzarella diced from Abbot Hill Creamery•Chopped beets from Fresh Start Farms•Chopped cucumbers from Farmer DavesfTquruut Strawberry season is coming! Add chopped strawberries to your farm fresh salad! Make it a meal by topping it with tuna or smoked salmon from New England Fishmongers. The possibilites are endless! '-----------------J '\ I •Know where your food comes from! Support our local farmers and artisans byshopping at Salem NH Farmers Market. Year-round Sundays from 10am to 2pm.We double SNAP benefits!
Phone: (603) 833-2311

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